Worldwide Passion

Terms Of Engagement


Thank you for coming to read all of my fine print. While none of this means anything to you right now, it is very important to me that no aspect of our encounter leave you with a negative surprise. If anything here confuses you, please do reach out for clarification as these details are better accepted upfront.



I am often exploring other parts of the world, in addition to traveling between NYC and Miami. I have chosen to no longer keep an updated online calendar as my schedule is fluid. I entertain only a few times a month, balancing my time as Athena with a myriad of activities and destinations. After we become aquainted via email, and you are verified completely, we can explore when our calendars match. 


Deposits and Unforeseen Events:

If you cancel our confirmed date within 24 hours I will require a 50% deposit before confirming a subsequent date with you. If I screen you via employment and you have no acceptable referrences, a 50% deposit will be required before confirming the date. If we are meeting somewhere other than NYC/Nassau, a 25% deposit is required to be confirmed.

Appointments 4 hours or more must include some public time such as cocktails, lunch or dinner. Appointments 4 hours or more may require a 50% deposit acceptable by my PayPal Business Account (Preferred), wire transfer, direct deposit, money order or cashier's check. Alternate payment such as Venmo, SquareCash, PayPal and GoogleWallet may also be accepted under *special circumstances* (ie;We have previously met & you have been screened)-please inquire beforehand.

I can arrange for an Incall location with 24hr notice. I do require all hotel fees associated with booking the appointment to be paid in full, by deposit, 24 hours before our encounter.

Existing Patrons may choose to have a deposit "on file" so that we may be a bit more flexible when planning for our dates, be them in NY or elsewhere. Alternatively, we may discuss how the Kept Woman Arrangement may suit you. 

Donations should be given in cash at the beginning of our time together. Please put in an envelope with your I.D Card (which I will return affter checking your name with my screening information) and leave in plain sight. If we are meeting in public, please place in a birthday card and/or gift bag- these are easily found at any drugstore. After we have met a few times alternatives may be discussed. 



Arrangements for incall can be made with an additional advance deposit. Please specify when submitting Screening Info on Screening & Reservations Page.

The deposit which is the total fee for booking the hotel room is required to confirm our appointment and will be due no less than 48hours (24hours in some circumstances-dependent on schedule & screening) before our appointment. I will always confirm the costs with you prior to booking. My Consideration is due upon meeting as per outlined on Etiquette, F.A.Q. & Consideration Pages.


Travel Policy:

I will only travel with those I've met first and have exceptional rapport with. I am available for Domestic or International travel at all times with minimum 72hrs advance booking.

To confirm a travel date, 50% of the consideration needs to be sent as a deposit. I will the book the flight (and hotel if necessary), confirming the costs with you prior to booking. The remaining 50% consideration and the accepted travel expenses should be provided upon meeting.

If you will be having me join you on a business trip where I will have half the day or more to explore the city or be on my own while you are at business engagements, I will offer a small discount on the consideration. 


Travel Packages:

Travel Packages do not include my fee and airfare, as well as any additional travel costs or visas.

In the event that additional funds are required, I will discuss these with you prior to any booking arrangements.

International travel is 24hr minimum engagement.


Travel Rates:

8 Hours - Daytime Fun & Relaxation Or Overnight - $2,000


12 Hours - Extended Overnight - $3,000


16 Hours - Overnight & Breakfast In Bed - $4,000


24 Hours - A Full Day of Romance - $6,000


48 Hours - A Weekend Tryst - $8,000


72 Hours - Pure Endless Romance - $10,000


Each Additional Day - $2,000



Thank you so much for taking the time to read this extra "fine print."

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