Worldwide Passion

Secret Arrangement

After our desires for one another are cemented in a wash of gorgeously pleasurable memories, we will be wanting to spend longer lengths of time together on a more regular basis. If you're looking for a more intimate and ongoing arrangement, this would be my definition of true companionship. Whether it's for me to be readily available to you, regular once per week date nights, or travel with you whenever you desire, you can choose to have an exclusive or nonexclusive arrangement with me. This will allow us the best of both worlds. This allows you the option to not deal with "scheduling a date"....but more of a real mutually beneficial relationship. Depending on your preference of comfort with long term engagements and discretion, I'm happy to abide by a nondisclosure agreement. We must have a few dates to establish that we have the right chemistry before we both agree to either arrangement.


 If you believe that something of this nature will appeal to you, simply ask and I will explain all of its benefits to you. 



Semi Exclusive: Starting At* $3,000/Month        Fully Exclusive: Starting At* $8,000/Month



*Reflected above is my rate for once per week regular dates. If more time is requested, I am more than willing to accomodate and will get back to you with an updated consideration. If you are truly interested, please contact me for more information!*


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