Worldwide Passion


1. Prior to my arrival, please have my gift placed in an unsealed envelope or card and place it in plain view; I recommend a table or on the bathroom counter. If we are meeting in a public place, please place it in a gift bag, greeting card or an unsealed envelope within a magazine or book. I prefer to make sure the formalities are out of the way so we may move on to the pleasures of our time together.


2. Never discuss money or services. If you discuss either of these, unfortunately I’ll have to terminate the session or phone call/correspondence immediately. This is for my own safety and peace of mind.


3. I do prefer our initial contact to be by email. Also, if you have a particular reason for discretion, we may also do the initial screening over the phone once we have decided upon a time that would be suitable for both parties to talk. I will never contact you unexpectedly; let us respect each other’s time. After screening information is submitted and has been processed, you will receive an email from me asking to confirm the appointment. You will receive one more email the day of the appointment. If there is a need to cancel, you must do so immediately by phone, email or text. All deposits are non-refundable.


4. Rates are never negotiableIf you try to negotiate my rate or ask for a discount or any “special” of any kind, I unfortunately will have to decline meeting. 

If you have to cut our rendezvous short due to “life,” I will not be offended to end early. However the donation (for the scheduled appointment duration) will still apply.

Amounts listed are for outcall appointments at your 5 star hotel or doorman building. Arrangements for incall can be made with an additional advance deposit and reimbursement for accumulated hotel fees.


5. Of course, as we both know, excellent personal hygiene is a must. Please arrive freshly showered.


6. Please respect our time together;

First: Please be on time. I understand sometimes things happen; an extended phone call, traffic, etc. But if you will be more than 15 minutes late, depending on my schedule, we may not be able to enjoy the full time together. If that won’t work we may have to reschedule.

Second: I will not overstay our agreed upon appointment length. If you find you would like to spend more time with me, I welcome the suggestion. However, because I plan my day in advance, I may not be able to accommodate your request. If I am available, the extra time must be compensated for at the time of extension.


7. As I mentioned, I crave pleasure and all things pleasurable; so if you have any special requests or ideas; for example an outfit request or a fantasy you would like to bring to life, please let me know. I’m open-minded and game for a good time!

If a certain outfit is unavailable I will let you know via email after screening has been processed and hope you would suggest another idea.



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